What is the idea?

The Facilitator’s Studio is a place to practice facilitation, to exchange, to experience and to learn the tricks of the trade. It gives the opportunity to do all of this with like-minded facilitators in a safe environment. The Studio offers a dedicated time and place for trying out new approaches or techniques and just to practice facilitation in a group.

How does it work?

1. The proposition: Whoever wants to try out something or who just wants to practice a tool or a technique, suggests a topic to the hosts of the Studio. Then all forces are joined to invite other facilitators to this meeting.

2. The experimental session: The evening starts with a warm welcome and a short introduction into the format of the evening. The next 1,5 hours entirely belong to the facilitator and his/her agenda. He/she is free to do whatever he/she likes to do, as long as it is interactive, experimenting – and fun also.

3. The feedback: After these 1,5 hours the hosts take over and moderate a feedback process. The facilitator gets immediate constructive feedback with the aim of mutual learning. The hosts will also offer some guidance on giving “good feedback” so that all participants can practice this crucial skill.

Who can experiment at the Studio?

Any experienced or un-experienced facilitator with a concrete activity can come with a proposal. Any idea is welcome and nobody should be too shy to volunteer for a Studio event. The Studio hosts are available for support if needed. They will do everything possible to ensure that the Studio is a safe place for trying and learning as well as for getting the precious gift of good and constructive feedback.

Contact the host if you want to try it out!

For upcoming Studios we invite you to express your interest in running a session. Please contact
the event hosts at chair@iaf-belgium.org.

What do we need from you?

– A final title for your workshop.
– A description of your workshop and what you intend to get a feedback about.
– Three sentences about you.